Head of Drug Development Department at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center

Professor Jean-Charles Soria is a medical oncologist and a Professor of Medicine and Medical Oncology at South-Paris University. He is a full-time cancer specialist at Institut Gustave Roussy.

Professor Soria trained as a medical oncologist and obtained the Silver medal from Paris Medical School in 1997. He gained a postgraduate degree and a PhD degree in molecular biology (fundamental basis of oncogenesis) in 2001, and completed his training with a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA, where he has held an Adjunct Professorship since 2012. Professor Soria is also a member of the thoracic pathology committee at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center.

He is a recognized expert on targeted therapies, immunotherapy and lung cancer. His main research interests are: early clinical development, pharmacodynamic biomarkers, lung cancer, immunotherapy and personalized medicine. He is also involved in translational research aspects related to precision medicine and tumor progression notably in lung cancer models (INSERM unit 981).